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Winter Tree Care

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Tree fallen over in the snow from cold weather and storm damage

Winter in New England is a special time in a special place. There are also a lot of special considerations to be made that aren’t of concern in warmer parts of the country. Tire changeovers. Snow removal. 

Winter isn’t exactly the “off-season” like many think. Winter is a perfectly viable time of the year for ongoing tree care, and it actually offers up some seasonally specific advantages for tree care, too.

Transitioning Into Winter Care

There are a few jobs that the transitional period approaching winter is perfect for. Pruning, for instance, is the perfect type of service to schedule for this time. Homeowners aren’t thinking about their trees as much right now, because they’re not in bloom or changing colors, and people generally stay indoors more than they do during the spring, summer, and autumn months. 

However, the fact that trees are dormant at this time of the year makes pruning ideal. It’s not as though the trees will be damaged during cold weather pruning – no more than they would be during the summer months, if the job weren’t done right. Our team adheres to the same strict methods of pruning and tree care in the winter that they do in the summer, and we’ll make sure your trees are pruned and healthy for the spring.

Additional Benefits of Winter Pruning

  • Certain overgrown trees and shrubs benefit from a late winter rejuvenation. Pruning at that time minimizes any negative appearance as the plants will put out a flush of growth and look natural.
  • Reducing heavy, out-of-proportion limbs this time of year will help prevent breakage from more growth in the coming spring and enable plants to respond appropriately.
  • Cuts made during the dormant season are less likely to attract insects that carry disease and spread bacteria or fungi to trees.
  • Removing limbs that are damaged or weak during the winter season makes the tree stronger and more prepared for serious winter weather.
  • Less stress is put on trees when pruning happens during the dormant season, meaning that healthy growth is promoted when spring arrives.
  • The lack of leaves is a good thing when it comes to pruning because it’s easier to spot healthy limb structure vs. compromised areas where pruning would do the best.
  • More sunlight is allowed through the canopy and, with sunlight being in such short supply during our shorter winter days, benefits grass and ground-level plants.

Thinking About a Tree Removal?

There are certain tree removals that cannot wait. If a tree has been determined to be an immediate safety hazard. In these cases, you obviously want to get that tree out of there as soon as possible.

Other tree removals can absolutely wait, though, and the incentive may be there to put it off until winter. Winter may be a great time for tree services, but customers still aren’t convinced sometimes. They want everything done in the spring and summer, and that causes a bottleneck in the industry.

Winter Interest Shrubs & Trees

    • Red Twig Dogwood: A native multi-stemmed shrub with conspicuous bright red stems.
    • Witch Hazel: Bright gold foliage drops as fragrant yellow flowers bloom from fall into winter.
    • Winterberry: Brilliant red berries remain on leafless twigs through winter.
    • Hinoki Cypress: Evergreen, can be in tree or shrub form, uniquely textured foliage and form, often golden or bright green.
    • Beautyberry: Leaves have attractive golden fall color before dropping, and bright purple berries remain in winter.

    • Paperbark Maple: Late fall color, unique exfoliating brown/cinnamon-colored bark.
    • Japanese Umbrella Pine: Slow-growing evergreen, vibrant glossy green foliage, classic pyramidal form.
    • Coral Bark Japanese Maple: Golden yellow/orange leaves drop leaving behind vivid red bark that intensifies in color as the season gets colder.
    • River Birch: Interesting peeling bark, characterful multi-stem form, disease resistant, and fast growing.
    • American Holly: Dense, prickly green foliage commonly associated with the holiday season. Female plants have red berries if males are in the vicinity.

Schedule Your Wintertime Tree Services

We understand why homeowners looking to stay warm and cozy inside may not have their trees at the top of their minds during the winter season. However, there are several benefits to winter tree care and taking advantage of frozen ground. We’ll make sure your trees are ready to go when the warmer weather arrives in the Eastern Massachusetts area. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of winter tree services.

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Winter Tree Care in Eastern Massachusetts

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