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Tree & Plant Health Care Plan

Contrary to popular belief, arborists aren’t just limited to tree-related tasks! At Tree Tech, Inc., our skilled professionals possess a diverse skill set that allows them to assist with various aspects of plant care. In addition to tree services, we offer year-round plant health care plans that can keep your entire landscape healthy and looking beautiful from the tiniest flower to the tallest tree. If you want to elevate your property with affordable and comprehensive plant care, call us today to see how we can keep your plants in the best shape possible!

Tree Tech arborist doing maintenance on a residential garden

Why Get Plant Management From an Arborist?

Most people assume that general landscaping companies are best for any plant outside of trees. While they may be able to provide some great services and advice, an arborist will have an even bigger wealth of knowledge to draw upon. They will be able to examine how each aspect of your landscape ties into long-term plant and tree health, which can help you avoid the difficult process of nursing damaged trees back to health. An arborist will help with a variety of key plant health tasks, including:

  • Identifying signs of diseases or insects:

    Fungus, bacteria, and insects are all common culprits for poor plant or tree health. We know how to spot the early signs of disease or infestation so we can treat the problem before it wreaks havoc on your yard.

  • Recognizing environmental factors that are impacting plant health:

    Did we have a particularly dry summer, or perhaps an overly rainy spring? Is the soil not prepared to support plant health? Are your trees planted at the right depth? If uncontrollable environmental factors are impacting your plant health, we’ll be able to identify the root cause of the problem and create a plan to preserve the health of your yard.

  • Spotting and eradicating invasive plants:

    Eastern Massachusetts is home to many different kinds of invasive plants, which can cause damage to your landscape if left untreated. Though it can be difficult to eradicate invasive species, our team knows exactly how to create and implement an appropriate elimination strategy.

  • Making recommendations for plants based on your goals:

    Want more trees or shrubs but not sure which kind you should get? We can advise you based on which plants are most suitable for your environment, aesthetic goals, maintenance levels, and more.

  • Identifying and relieving stress in your trees:

    Your landscape plays a significant role in the overall health and stress levels of your trees. Perhaps the largest advantage of getting plant health care from an arborist is that we will help you optimize your property to ensure your trees are always strong, healthy, and beautiful.

A large tree receiving fertilization treatment

What Do Tree & Plant Health Care Plans Include?

With a plant and tree health care plan from Tree Tech, Inc., you can expect exceptional and comprehensive services that address each component of your landscape. Depending on your specific goals and needs, we can provide a full range of proactive services such as:

Take Charge of Your Plant Health Today!

No matter what your landscaping goals are, the experts at Tree Tech, Inc. are here to help. Our highly skilled, ISA-certified arborists are an excellent resource for anybody who wants to boost the beauty, health, and longevity of their yard. Thanks to our 35+ years of experience helping the Eastern Massachusetts area, we know exactly how to help local plants and trees thrive while providing exceptional customer experience. We proudly serve homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and more. If you want to upgrade your property with reliable and professional plant care plans, call our team today!

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Plant Health Care Plans in Eastern Massachusetts

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