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Tree and Plant Healthcare

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Though trees can be incredibly strong, they are not immune to damage or disease. And when it comes to tree health, aesthetics aren’t the only thing at risk. A weak or dying tree can also become a major problem for nearby structures, utility lines, cars, or people. That’s why it’s crucial to contact an experienced arborist if you suspect your trees or plants are declining in health. At Tree Tech, Inc., our highly trained team has the skills and equipment to treat the root cause of your tree health concerns. To help your landscape recover quickly and efficiently, we offer a wide range of tree and plant health care services such as:

Tree Tech Arborist spraying a tree with a Mosquito fogger

Pest and Disease Control

Infestation and illness are the two leading causes of tree weakness or death in Eastern Massachusetts. Our arborists have over 35 years of experience with identifying, eliminating, and preventing common pests and diseases in our area.

Tree roots breaking through a sidewalk from underneath

Common Tree Root Problems

Root rot, soil compaction, lack of nutrients… What’s happening underneath the ground plays a huge role in the health of your tree. We know how to uncover and address these problems to promote a strong, robust root system.

Japanese Knotweed, a common invasive plant species

Invasive Plant Management

Invasive plants aren’t just harmful to your trees; they can also devastate the local ecosystem by ruining wildlife populations and drowning out native species. Our team can help identify, remove, and control invasive plants.

Two Arborists looking over a property for a tree assessment

Tree Risk Assessment

Worried your tree might be suffering from a health issue? Just want to make sure your landscape is always safe and healthy? We offer thorough tree inspections to pinpoint any concerns and build customized maintenance plans.

Tree and Plant Maintenance

When it comes to tree care, a small investment in preventative maintenance goes a long way. A regular care routine can prevent a whole host of common tree problems, such as fallen branches or widespread disease. However, it can feel overwhelming to navigate all the different aspects of tree maintenance, from soil quality and watering schedules to weather-specific care plans. Thankfully, the experts at Tree Tech, Inc. have you covered. Our team provides comprehensive tree and plant maintenance services, including:

Arborist cutting branches of a shrub

Shrub Care

Though arborists specialize in tree care, they are also experts in other aspects of your environment, including shrubs and ornamental trees. Keep your landscape looking lush and healthy with our superior shrub care services.

Tree branch suffering from dry weather and heat

Warm Weather Tree Care

When temperatures heat up and the soil dries out, your trees need a little extra care. Our arborists can help you create a custom maintenance plan to ensure your landscape will thrive even during the hottest and driest summers.

Tree fallen over in the snow from cold weather and storm damage

Winter Tree Care

Though trees go dormant in cold weather, they still need regular attention to stay strong and healthy – especially if a heavy storm hits and leads to damage. Our team knows how to keep your trees strong through the winter.

Tree receiving deep root fertilization treatment


One of the best ways to support vibrant and robust tree growth is fertilization. Great soil quality will ensure your plants have the nutrients they need to flourish, keeping them strong enough to fight off common problems like pests or disease.

Large forested area of trees with green markers wrapped around their trunks

Woodland Management

Taking care of a single tree can be complicated enough, but it gets even harder if you manage an entire forested area. Our arborists can help care for the trees and plants on your property, no matter the size.

Arborist using an AirSapde and its compressed air process to gently and carefully loosen and remove compacted dirt.

Air Spading

Soil compaction is an often overlooked problem for tree health. Routine air spading can break up dense soil and allow nutrients to penetrate deep into the root system, which will keep your trees stronger and healthier than ever.

Man measuring the circumference of a tree with a ruler tape

Public Tree Inspections

Damaged or diseased trees on public property pose a serious safety risk to anybody who passes through. It’s crucial to have a professional routinely inspect the condition of your tree to ensure it is always sturdy and stable.

Tree Tech arborist in the bucket of a bucket truck, looking down smiling with his thumbs up

Contractor Tree Resources

Planning a construction project? Preparing a tree maintenance plan with the help of an arborist can help you avoid major consequences like root damage, chemical burns, and other potentially harmful problems.

Why Tree Tech, Inc.?

Tree Tech, Inc. has been raising the standards of excellence in the tree care industry since 1986. Our team draws upon the expertise of 10 ISA-certified arborists and over 35 years of experience serving the Eastern Massachusetts area. We know how to anticipate and address any concerns with your environment that could negatively impact tree health and lead to hazardous conditions. It’s our goal to enhance the beauty and safety of our communities through exceptional tree care services, which is why we are also one of seven companies nationwide to receive an accreditation for Utility Arboriculture. If you want to protect your property with reliable preventative tree care services, get in touch with our team today!

Tree Tech bucket trucks parked next to each other in a parking lot

Tree and Plant Healthcare in Eastern Massachusetts

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