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Tree Service Company and Professional Arborists in Pawtucket RI

Professional Arborists in Pawtucket RI

Amidst the historic mills and vibrant neighborhoods, Pawtucket's green spaces offer a refreshing escape for residents and visitors alike. Tree Tech is a local tree care company that understands that it’s the city’s combination of industrial heritage and natural splendor that transform it into something unique and special - and you can see that level of care in every tree service we do. From tree trimming and tree pruning, to tree and stump removal, to comprehensive tree and plant care, our services aim to enhance the natural beauty that surrounds us, while maintaining the character of the place so we can enjoy it for years to come. We’ve been providing outstanding tree service to residential and commercial properties in Pawtucket and Providence County since 1986 - and we look forward to working with you next!

Our neighborhood is great, and at Tree Tech, we aim to keep it healthy and beautiful by offering excellent tree care services. Our skilled tree experts can handle everything, from regular trimming to fallen branch removal. With accreditations both from the Tree Care Industry Association and Utility Arboriculture, you can rely on our experts to tackle even the most difficult tasks. When you need reliable tree care services in Pawtucket, get in touch with our team!

Lock in Your Long-Term Tree and Plant Health

Discover the secret to a lush, vibrant landscape with Tree Tech’s Tree and Plant Health Care Plans. Led by our team of seasoned ISA-certified arborists, we apply over 35 years of experience to enhance the health and beauty of your landscape from the ground up. Whether it's combating pests, boosting growth, or ornamental pruning, we're here to ensure your outdoor space in Eastern Massachusetts is nothing short of spectacular.

Accredited for Utility Arboriculture

As one of only seven firms nationwide accredited by the International Society of Arboriculture for Utility Arboriculture, we possess specialized training and experience in managing vegetation for electric utilities. This area of work, which many tree care professionals are not certified in, demands rigorous safety standards due to its inherent dangers. Our accreditation was earned through comprehensive testing in disciplines such as electric utility pruning, program management, integrated vegetation management, understanding electrical hazards, customer service, and storm response.

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