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Tree Service Company and Professional Arborists in Middletown RI

Professional Arborists in Middletown RI

It’s hard to match the natural splendor of a place like Middletown. From its tranquil parks to its tree-lined streets, Middletown's trees are an integral part of its allure, and here at Tree Tech we provide tree services that keep them looking great for years to come. Tree care is more than a job - it’s a passion - and we have more than 100 dedicated tree professionals and ten Certified Arborists ready to assist you. From tree trimming and pruning service, to tree and stump removal, to comprehensive tree and plant care, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of your property and preserve its character.

Our neighborhood is wonderful, and at Tree Tech we want to protect its health and beauty by providing great tree care services. From routine pruning to emergency tree branch removal, our certified arborists can do it all. With accreditations both from the Tree Care Industry Association and Utility Arboriculture, you can rely on our experts to tackle even the most difficult tasks. When you need reliable tree care services in Middletown, get in touch with our team!

Help Your Trees and Plants Reach Their Full Potential

Elevate your landscape to the peak of beauty and health with Tree Tech's comprehensive Tree and Plant Health Care Plans! Our skilled ISA-certified arborists are not just experts in trees but are your partners in nurturing every corner of your yard, ensuring it flourishes throughout the seasons. With over 35 years of dedicated service in Middletown, we tailor services to your needs, from precision pruning to eco-friendly pest management, all designed to keep your landscape vibrant and thriving.

Experts in Utility Arboriculture

We're one of seven companies in the entire country accredited by the International Society of Arboriculture for Utility Arboriculture. That means we have extensive training and experience in electric utility vegetation management. Most companies and most tree care professionals are not certified for this kind of work, which can be extremely dangerous if not done right. To earn our accreditation, we have been tested in a wide variety of disciplines including electric utility pruning, program management, integrated vegetation management, electrical knowledge, customer relations, and storm response.

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