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Maintaining your home and landscape can be a daunting task. When you try to view your property objectively, it can be easy to see nothing but its flaws. And you know what? That’s actually not a bad thing!

Addressing these problem areas can sometimes quickly increase the overall look and enjoyment of your property. Improving your home’s aesthetic from the outside is often times called curb appeal. And achieving great curb appeal can be as simple as hiring a reputable arborist.

What Can an Arborist Do to Boost Curb Appeal?

Have you ever seen a commercial that really speaks to you? You cannot deny the power of visual representation. Whether it is an impossibly perfect burger on display that makes your stomach rumble, or a tropical paradise promised at discount rates, visual appeal is a powerful tool.

When people pull up and see a well-managed landscape, it instills confidence in them. You’re showing that you take the time to care for your property before anyone even steps out of the car. Even if you’re not planning on selling any time soon, you get the benefit of a beautiful property to come home to.

But How Much Is All of This Going to Cost?

Working with a skilled arborist is one of the most cost-effective means by which to improve curb appeal while also boosting your property value—up to 14% in a slow market or 7% in a strong market, according to REALTOR Magazine. In most cases, vast improvements can be made in as little as 1 or 2 days. In some cases, where landscaping maintenance has been more regular, it can be even less than that.

Remember too that you are making an investment when you pursue this path toward improving the curb appeal of your home. Sure, there is going to be some expense up front—though, again, working with an arborist is much more affordable than even the simplest remodeling jobs—but you’re not just increasing the chances of selling your home. You’re increasing the value assigned to that home, and you’ll see that reflected in your selling price.

What Would the Project Look Like?

Whether you plan to sell your home or you just want a more beautiful property, the actual project does not need to be that extensive. Ways that an arborist can help to improve your curb appeal include pruning, containing, and individualizing foundation plants, ornamental trees, and shrubs.

None of these services are incredibly involved, but they all offer a nice return on the initial effort. It’s also much more affordable than digging out and replacing overgrown plants that you let run wild! Plus, great tree care offers many great benefits to those homeowners that are not currently planning to resell their homes, too.

What Types of Benefits?

You want to know that you are safe in your home. You want to know that your home is protected from the elements, just as it protects you from those very same elements. And, frankly, you just deserve to enjoy the way that your own home looks. This is why working with an arborist is important even for those homeowners that plan on staying put.

  • Homes are more secure without branches and bushes blocking windows and/or doors.
  • Good clearance improves airflow, protecting the integrity of roofing and siding materials.
  • Preventing overgrowth lessens the risk of pest infestations.
  • Neighbors take notice, step up their game, and the whole neighborhood benefits!

Trust Our Plant Care Professionals with Your Home’s Appearance and Value

At Tree Tech, Inc., we’ve been in this business a long time — since 1986, in fact. We’ve seen fads come and go, and we’ve seen the thinking on how trees and other plants are most successfully managed evolve. When you work with us, you can count on a finished product that will match your tastes while also proving most beneficial for your plants and your property at large.

Kick your Unappealing Trees, Bushes, and Shrubs to the Curb! in Eastern Massachusetts

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