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Canopy Reduction

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Tree after cutting branches on top. Tree crown reduction.

A lush canopy growing above your landscape can be beautiful on its own, but if it starts blocking the rest of your view, it may be time for a trim. At Tree Tech, Inc., our team offers precise canopy reduction services that will enhance the health and appearance of your trees while carefully revealing the gorgeous view beyond. 

What Is Canopy Reduction?

Canopy reduction is a form of tree pruning that is meant to reduce some of the tree’s foliage without altering the shape of the tree. Unlike a routine pruning appointment, canopy reduction typically only removes about a quarter of the foliage. Doing so offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Taking weight off heavy branches
  • Removing dead limbs
  • Promoting aesthetically-appealing growth
  • For fruit trees, encouraging sweeter fruit
  • Revealing your view

To deliver the best results possible, our team starts by conducting an inspection of your tree so that we can strategically remove branches that may be overly heavy, unhealthy, or otherwise hazardous. We then remove a small amount of additional foliage to promote an attractive shape, and if necessary, apply growth regulator treatments that may enhance your tree’s health over time.

Canopy Reduction Versus Tree Topping

While both canopy reduction and tree topping have to do with pruning the crown, the two are very different. Tree topping, also called hat-racking, is a lot more aggressive, essentially only leaving behind stumps and lateral branches. It’s typically only reserved for trees that have been severely damaged by a storm, but since tree topping removes such a large amount of foliage, it often leads to significantly worse problems. 

At Tree Tech, Inc., we prioritize long-term tree health with each pruning session. Our arborists understand the strain that removing foliage places on your tree, which is why we take care to only remove what is necessary for your tree to thrive and do not provide tree topping services. 

When to Get Canopy Reduction

If your tree seems overly large or you have concerns about its health and safety, then it may be time to think about a canopy reduction. The best time of year for this type of pruning is right after a period of rapid growth, preferably during the dormant season. However, your tree’s specific needs may differ. If you aren’t quite sure whether your tree needs canopy reduction, give Tree Tech, Inc. a call—we can evaluate your tree and help you determine the best course of action.

Professional Tree Crown Pruning Services

Canopy reduction can be a great way to keep your trees healthy and your yard beautiful. As with any pruning task, though, it’s best to work with seasoned experts who know how to handle the project with care. Tree Tech, Inc.’s licensed arborists are here to help! Backed by 35 years of experience and a commitment to the best practices in the industry, our team is equipped to keep your tree looking and growing its best. Ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call today!

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Canopy Reduction in Eastern Massachusetts

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