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Big Storms Cause Big Problems (for Homeowners and Arborists Alike!)

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Withering tree leaning towards the side of a house

We are well aware of the misconception among some homeowners that arborists like us love damaging storms. That may be true of some tree service companies. There are bad apples in any industry, after all. But good tree service companies really don’t look forward to those storms, or the damage they do, any more than your average homeowner does.

Why not?

Because it’s not all about the revenue we stand to make when a damaging storm rolls through. There are a lot of negative aspects that come with such storms. We can handle damages, of course, but we like to focus on prevention – not dealing with tree damages beyond anyone’s control. Let’s take a deeper dive into why we don’t look forward to a rush of business following a major storm that caused major damage.

We Love Trees, and We Don’t Want to See Them Damaged

If you have a classic car that you take to a trusted mechanic, that mechanic isn’t waiting on bated breath for the day you come in with that car after an accident. He or she likes working on that car because they appreciate it. And that’s how we feel about trees. They aren’t just some kind of common weed.

Nice trees enhance landscaping, provide natural protection from the elements, and share a history with your home. We’ve seen countless trees where kids and parents read beneath their leaves, and where swings hang from branches. The last thing we want is to see trees like that suffer.

We Love Our Clients, and We Don’t Want to Let Them Down

We never let our clients down in terms of the actual service that we provide. However, when we aren’t able to respond to a client’s needs in what we consider to be a timely fashion, we can’t help but feel as though we’re letting them down. And that’s pretty much unavoidable when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a damaging storm.

Homeowners throughout New England know the value of a great tree service company, and we have a long list of clients that wouldn’t go anywhere else when they need an arborist. That can result in a bottleneck when, suddenly, everyone needs similar services all at the same time. It’s a stressful situation, and it’s not our ideal way of working.

We Love Our Team, and We Don’t Want to Overwork Them

One of the best parts of the Tree Tech, Inc. team is, well – the team! We care about each other here at Tree Tech, and we care about the extended Tree Tech family. We’re lucky to have such a dedicated staff, but we don’t want to watch them struggle with long hours and exhausting days following a major storm.

Safety is a top priority for us, and there’s only so hard a team can push itself before safety is affected. An exhausted team is more likely to have a mishap than a team with a more manageable workload, and we know that our staff and their families count on us to send everyone home in good shape. We couldn’t take that responsibility more seriously.

We Love What We Do, and We Don’t Want to Compromise

Everyone on our team takes pride in the work that we do and the services we provide. In order to provide the level of service that our customers know to expect, we need everything working in peak condition. That extends to our equipment, as well as our arborists.

Our equipment can really take a hit during the period following a damaging storm, and with our team stretched thin it can be tough to ensure that everything is maintained and in peak working condition. We do it, of course, because we know we can’t compromise there. But it’s just another hurdle to clear while we scramble to continue providing the incredible service quality we’re known for.

Big Storms Cause Big Problems (for Homeowners and Arborists Alike!) in Eastern Massachusetts

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